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Press Release

7/14/2009 USFSG Launches Program to Assist Charity and Nonprofit Organizations US Financial Services Group today announced the launch of the USFSG Charitable Donation Program. US Financial Services Group has created and launched a Charitable Donation Program (CDP) to work with charity / nonprofit organizations and businesses to bridge the gap of declining capital available for charitable donations. Charity / nonprofit organizations will be selected by US Financial Services Group to participate in the program and will have the opportunity to receive donations from USFSG on a monthly basis. “The current decline of the US economy has had a profound effect on the bottom line of all businesses large and small. This sudden downturn in net profits has also had a major impact on businesses ability to continue to make donations to their favorite charities. USFSG is confident that charities / nonprofit organizations improve the quality of life for everyone and everything. USFSG is honored to assist charities / nonprofit organizations and donors in facilitating a program that will increase donations for the general good of mankind. We strive to live by our motto everyday; “People don’t really care how much you know until they know how much you care.” said Julie Borges, Executive Vice President of US Financial Services Group. About USFSG Since it’s inauguration, USFSG has maintained its reputation as an industry leader for high performance and best practices through engagements with many of the largest companies in America. Today, US Financial Services Group remains at the forefront of the financial services industry providing merchant credit / debit card processing, professional services, payment gateways and processing platforms.