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Press Release

9/09/2008 USFSG Helps US Businesses Go Global in Bad Economy US Financial Services Group today announced it has expanded its multi-currency credit card processing merchant services to 16 additional countries. With the weakening US dollar and unstable economy, US based businesses can achieve growth on a global scale while maintaining their local domestic focus. International payment processing provides retail and eCommerce merchants the option to set fixed or dynamic pricing on their products and easily incorporate the new service into their Point of Sale system or website. There are no out of pocket expenses and implementation is quick and easy. Merchants can now do business globally and realize a reduction in customer inquiries and chargeback’s equating to lower operating costs and an increase in profits. As an example, allowing a Japanese customer to purchase in Yen and have their transaction reflect in Yen on their credit card statement promotes trust, higher confidence and a better shopping experience. The real key to doing business globally is the ability to settle in (CPC) Cardholder Preferred Currency. Multi- currency localization allows businesses to price goods and services in a variety of foreign currencies, while continuing to receive payment in US dollars. Our gateway technology allows businesses to dynamically adjust pricing to assist in neutralizing the minimal expense of providing the multi currency option to new customers worldwide. “Our merchant clients receive funding directly from their merchant bank in the same manner and according to the same time frames as their domestic transactions. With USFSG®, there’s no more delay in funding, no need for offshore banking relationships or foreign incorporation. No more wire transfer fees or complex international tax issues. Businesses need to continually refine market focus and develop capabilities to have a competitive advantage. Too many businesses stick to traditional operating models arranged by geography and fail to recognize the differences in market opportunities. As a market leader in the credit card processing industry, US Financial Services Group provides businesses with cost effective solutions to help them succeed and to grow their business. Our motto is universal in any language, People don’t really care how much you know until they know how much you care!” said Julie Borges, Executive Vice President of US Financial Services Group. About USFSG Since it’s inauguration, USFSG has maintained its reputation as an industry leader for high performance and best practices through engagements with many of the largest companies in America. Today, US Financial Services Group remains at the forefront of the financial services industry providing merchant credit / debit card processing, professional services, payment gateways and processing platforms.